The HLA-9 is a hybrid integration of a nine element J-array loudspeaker and a dipole directional low frequency loudspeaker. The J-array portion contains nine 3.5" mid-frequency drivers and nine ribbon high frequency drivers. The low frequency portion incorporates two 12" high output low frequency drivers in a dipole configuration to extend vertical LF control.



HDMI 330ft CAT Extender with Serial and IR

The ASP-CATx1VS HDMI with 3D over Single CAT6 Extender with bi-directional IR and RS-232 boosts your video/audio transmission distance up to 330ft (100m) in any HDTV format up to 1080p with 48-bit color depth and 3D.



On Point Audio is a new company that was founded to develop the finest professional loudspeaker systems for musicians, sound engineers and DJs for a variety of live sound applications.

By combining new leading-edge technology and state-of-the-art build quality, On Point Audio is the new benchmark for performance and value in premium loudspeakers. No other brand offers the component quality, the enclosure construction, the primo performance and user-friendly features anywhere near On Point Audio’s prices.

You’ll find On Point Audio speakers tailor-made for a range of live sound and music playback applications in clubs, auditoriums, houses of worship, DJ systems and more. Once you hear them, you’ll know On Point Audio has the sound you’re looking for.


Listen Technologies Corporation Solutions for: Assistive Listening, Language Interpretation, SoundField, Tour Group and Conferencing. Listen offers many product types; Stationary FM, Portable FM, ListenPoint™, Stationary IR, Digital IR, Discussion, and Digital Conferencing. Listen Technologies offers customized solutions that are easy to use, specify and install. Contact Listen for quotes


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