Who is Fonica

Fonica is a marketing consulting company and public relations agency. We specialize in technology marketing, and have decades of experience in the AV, professional audio and broadcast industries. We work primarily with manufacturers to help them build visibility with their customers. Services include:

Development of marketing plans

Writing and distribution of press releases

Creation of marketing collateral materials

Product and location photography

Market research

Advice and coordination on product launches

Trade show exhibit planning and coordination


In addition to the AV, Pro Audio and Broadcast industries, we have the ability to assist in other endeavors and can rapidly tap into a pool of experts in IT, electronics and other fields.

Company principal John Vellone has 25 years of experience in the broadcast and AV industries, including 10 years in a variety of management positions for a large distributor and an equipment manufacturing company. John Vellone is a results-oriented, with twenty years of experience in the high-tech/multimedia sector has built a reputation as someone who has the operational know-how and industry instincts to ensure a company’s success in today’s highly competitive market.

John Vellone is skilled at in creating effective and innovative marketing strategies, developing top-performing sales teams and expanding distribution channels.  He has a persuasive sales approach and can expertly negotiate lucrative contracts.

Combining skills with extreme drive to achieve top sales results will well perform as a member of your management team.


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